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Specialising in Landscape and travel photography, we aim to produce distinctive and unusual images of the world around us.  Run by Stephen and Jane Taubman, we use the latest techniques in Digital Photography and image manipulation to achieve our aims.

FTP Sender for Lightroom Released

[singlepic=979,200,200,,left] I am pleased to announce a new version of FTP Sender for Lightroom,   this includes a new drag and drop so you can drop files into the file list from explorer as well as sending them from direct from… Continue Reading →

Lightroom FTP Sender V1.4 Released

The latest version of Lightroom FTP Sender is available new features include “Abort” button,   and a test connection button. It can be downloaded below.   See Initial Release for more information. lightroomsender

Lightroom – FTP Utility

Newer Version Available see : FTP Sender 1.5 Now I am using Coppermine for my gallery I wanted a quick way to upload files from Lightroom. So I wrote the Lightroom FTP Sender. This is a first version, but feel… Continue Reading →

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