Newer Version Available see : FTP Sender 1.5

FTP Sender ScreenshotNow I am using Coppermine for my gallery I wanted a quick way to upload files from Lightroom. So I wrote the Lightroom FTP Sender.

This is a first version, but feel free to try it. Please leave me a comment if you find it useful. If enough people find it useful, there are some extra features I would like to add.


FTP Sender is Free, if you would like to send me a donation please click on the button and enter an amount.


  1. Save the downloaded file to your Export Actions Folder (the best way to find this is to use the “open export actions” option the the drop down in the Export dialogue)
  2. Select it as your post export action
  3. Fill in your FTP settings, these will be remembered for future runs, or hit the Save Settings Button to be sure
  4. Click on the [+] button to create a folder, please note only one level of folder can be created for each click of the [+] button.
  5. Click on the [send] button, when the upload is complete, a message will be displayed.
  6. Close the Export dialogue and reopen it.
  • If you need multiple FTP servers,just change the text in the drop down Settings Box and this will automatically create a new set of settings for you to add another server.
  • Please note your FTP password is stored in a human readable INI file, unless you untick the save password tick box.