Jane Taubman

Janes PhotoJane was born and brought up in Somerset, in the southwest of England, Jane played around with photography from an early age. She undertook a 3 year, part-time course with Ron Frampton, specialising in black and white photography and printing. Jane was using the Minolta X700, manual focus cameras. After a break of several years, she moved to Canon EOS autofocus SLRs, along with a couple of early digital point and shoot cameras and most recently on to Canon Digital SLRs from 2004.

Stephen Taubman

stephenphoto.jpg, 11 kBStephen was born and brought up in Liverpool in the northwest of England. He came down to Somerset over 20 years ago. A specialist in computers, Stephen also took the Ron Frampton course and has a great eye for the unusual shot, often lugging both Jane’s and his own equipment around..