Screen Grab  PSE 6 XML GeneratorAs I wrote before we have moved over to Vista on our main system. This meant PSE was a little unstable, so for Christmas PSE 6 turned up, it’s really nice, but Adobe have jet again changed the methods for using additional actions and styles, now in order to get them to appear in manageable lists in PSE you need to create XML files. As I had large numbers of actions from Atomic cupcake, I decided it was easier to write a small program to generate the XML files for Actions and Styles.

It’s a very simple program, just point it at your “backup directory for actions or styles, select all the actions/styles you want and then click the button to create all the XML files.

There is a tick box you can use to put all the actions in one dropdown selection, just tick it and change the description to the name you want.

It does not copy the XML files to the correct directory, as especially on Vista this is very difficult to do as Vista will only let the OS or PSE6 write to the correct directories.

There are good instructions for PSE 6 here


PSE 6 XML Generator

Just put it in a folder of your choice.