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Specialising in Landscape and travel photography, we aim to produce distinctive and unusual images of the world around us.  Run by Stephen and Jane Taubman, we use the latest techniques in Digital Photography and image manipulation to achieve our aims.

Across the Southern Caucasus – complete

It is finally done. It has been along time in the making as the last 10 months have been disruptive to say the least, but enforced home time with the lockdown, means I have now completed all 183 pages.

Last one before lockdown

Little did we know on the 15th of March 2020, this would be the last shot away from home for months. It was taken on Jane’s phone as we wandered through West Bay harbour. If it looks familiar, it’s probably… Continue Reading →

Chepstow Castle

We stopped overnight at Chepstow and awoke to a wonderful frosty morning. After breakfast we headed down to the Castle for a wander around.

Golden Cap Revisited

Ten years ago we set up the Golden Cap Association web site. We recently revisited the site and upgraded it to use WordPress to make it easier for the committee members to keep it up to date and to use… Continue Reading →

2020 Calendar Images

Each year I select 12 images to use on a calendar to give to Family and Friends. Here are my pick for 2020.

Bridport Gardening Club Web Site

I have just helped the Bridport Gardening Club revamp their site, including using the Pods plugin to add events in a similar way to that used on the DFHS site. Using the plugin helps to keep the interface clean and… Continue Reading →

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