janephotoJane is considered one of the world experts on Family Historian. In February 2014, she even travelled to Australia to give courses on Family Historian (and photography) on a Genealogy cruise, organised by Unlock the Past, you can read about what one of the attendees had to say on her blog about the Problem Solving Presenter.

Starting to research her family history in her early twenties, Jane has been combining her interests in computers and history to track her ancestral agricultural labourers through the south west of England, while fighting valiantly to track down her husband’s elusive Irish and Isle of Man ancestors.  In 2002 she purchased the first version of Family Historian and set up a place on the web for people to get help with it. Ten years on FHUG: Family Historian User Group as that small website became, is now full of resources to help people get the most from this powerful program.

Having previously run short courses for the Society of Genealogists in London as well as for My History in the North of England, she now runs regular Family Historian courses near to her home in South Somerset, with people regularly travelling from across England to join them.

Simon Orde, Family Historian’s chief designer had this to say about her, when asked to recommend a presenter for Family Historian.

She is a real expert on Family Historian, on computing generally, and a lifelong committed and very knowledgeable genealogist. She is also an expert photographer and gives courses on that too. She regularly gives detailed advice to everyone on the FHUG and on the FHU Mailing List. She knows absolutely everything about Family Historian.