Cuba Touring in Casa Particulars

In April we travelled out to Cuba for a 14 day tour of the west of the island,  staying in Casa Particulars (like private B&Bs) we got a great flavour of the island and it’s peoples.

I have just finished my book of the trip so feel free to take a look.
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Space In Time – New Website

I am always pleased to work on a new web site and my newest is a relaunch of the Space In Time website for counsellor and psychotherapist Sarah Wardell.  Keeping it simple,  we have produced a clean and easy to use site utilising WordPress,  a map has been included on the Location page using the WordPress Leaflet Plugin and Open Source mapping, which avoids the problems with registering for use of Google Maps and having to add a credit card.  With a simple contact form using Contact 7 the site has come together well over the last few days.


P.S  I recently received this from the client:

Many thanks for this and everything you have done with regard to setting up the website etc.  I appreciate it has been an enormous amount of work and I certainly couldn’t have managed it without your help.

I thought you might like to see a few of the comments I’ve had back from people:

“Website looks great”

“I think it looks really good; very professional, reassuring and informative. The design is neutral and I found it calming”

“Looks very impressive”

And that relates to all your work – so thanks again.


Two weeks in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country of extremes, of soaring temples and rickety wooden houses, of immaculately dressed school children paddling home down flooded roads, of wild mountain jungles and massive clothes factories, it is inhabited by friendly smiling people with a past which makes you cry.

Cambodia is amazing.

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Brass and Iron – SS Great Britain

We visited the SS Great Britain this weekend, a very interesting ship, lovingly restored since it’s “hulk” was recovered from the Falkland Islands in 1970.