Month: May 2014

A Feather – POTD

Our trip down to Abbotsbury at the weekend produced lots of Swan shots, but the one which caught my eye when processing was a quick shot of a Feather floating on the water of a pond. The people at the

Cloud Treking – POTD

Another from our evening in Hobart has made it to Photograph of the Day. Taken as the clouds rolled over the mountain side it shows our group heading up the track to the Organ Pipes rock formation. The reviewer from

Australia and Hong Kong 2014

I have finally finished my holiday book of our trip down under. With 204 pages it’s something of a monster, but overall I am quite pleased with the outcome. Australia and Hong Kong 2014 by Stephen and Jane Taubman To

The Railway Station – POTD

Sometimes Photograph of the Day are like buses none for ages and then a whole bunch come along together. Another shot from our trip Down Under, this time from Melbourne, this is the main Railway Station building.