Month: June 2009

POTD: Sweet Pea III

One of a series of photographs of some Sweet Peas, has made it to Photograph of the Day at Photography Cafe. Big Al, the site reviewer, does not like floral images much,  but managed Jane’s POTD is almost hi-key (only

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From Snapshots to Photographs

On the 8th of August,  I will be running a one day workshop called “From Snapshots to Photographs” at the Old Mill House in Bridport,  this will be designed for beginners who want to improve their in camera skills,  concentrating

Sweet Peas

I really love sweet peas, they just seem so ephemeral. This example comes from my Father’s collection and was part of a bunch presented to me at the weekend. John Keats wrote of them “Here are sweet-peas, on tip-toe for

POTD: Looking Up

After a long while and several “Crackers”, I finally got a photograph of the day with an image from our Black Sea holiday. This was taken looking up inside the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, with the camera pointing directly up

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