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Specialising in Landscape and travel photography, we aim to produce distinctive and unusual images of the world around us.  Run by Stephen and Jane Taubman, we use the latest techniques in Digital Photography and image manipulation to achieve our aims.

Animoto – Create your own Video Automatically

While looking through the web, I found an interesting little tool to create your own video slideshow at, the process is almost completely automated, so you just add the pictures and text, and select the music and Animoto, creates… Continue Reading →

Dropbox – keeping in sync

I have been experimenting with DropBox and have been very impressed so far. It’s easy to use and works well for me.  You can have 2Gb of space free and any file changes are automatically “synced” to other computers with… Continue Reading →

Fotofusion : Building on Design

I have been a long term FotoFusion user, it’s a great product for building photo-collages and book layouts.  It’s a bit limited on text editing,  but for layout and photo presentation, I have not found much to beat it. Sure… Continue Reading →

FTP Sender for Lightroom Released

[singlepic=979,200,200,,left] I am pleased to announce a new version of FTP Sender for Lightroom,   this includes a new drag and drop so you can drop files into the file list from explorer as well as sending them from direct from… Continue Reading →

Photoshop Elements 7 Metadata

I have completed a change to my PSE 6 xml file generator. To generate files which match the new Elements 7 format. As for the PSE6 version it simply creates the xml files for you and you will need to… Continue Reading →

Lightroom FTP Sender V1.4 Released

The latest version of Lightroom FTP Sender is available new features include “Abort” button,   and a test connection button. It can be downloaded below.   See Initial Release for more information. lightroomsender

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