I have been experimenting with DropBox and have been very impressed so far.

It’s easy to use and works well for me.  You can have 2Gb of space free and any file changes are automatically “synced” to other computers with the same sign on.

So what I did was

  • Registered for  My Dropbox
  • Installed the software on both my computers
  • Moved some of my files into the Dropbox on my main machine
  • Left it a while
  • Checked and my Laptop had my files
  • Now which ever machine I change my data on, it is copied to the other machine automatically and as a bonus,  dropbox makes automatic backups of any changes.
  • If your files are over 2Gb in size you can have a paid for account if you want.

So far it’s doing exactly what it says on the tin.  Don’t try and use it on a dial up line though.   Along with the fact the files are kept in sync between you machines it also keeps backups of documents you are working on so, if you delete a few pages and save and then need them back you can recover them from the web interface on dropbox.

Add to that the ability to drop photos into a public folder and share as a slideshow, and the option to share specific folders with other dropbox users and you have a handy tool for little money.